Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater

If your property is contaminated it may be necessary to conduct remedial works to ensure groundwater, land use or the indoor environment.

With 25 years of experience JORD•MILJØ A/S offers professional and economically optimal solutions for remediation of contamination.

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Remediation is often implemented in conjunction with building projects or construction works.

  • The most commonly used way of remediation of contaminated soil is excavation followed by a treatment of the contaminated soil. This is due to the fact that excavation is relatively fast and in connection with construction works excavation of soil is often necessary.
  • In-situ remediation is an alternative method where the contaminated soil is difficult to access. By this method the contamination is managed without excavation.
  • The on-site techniques also include land farming, where excavated contaminated soil is kept on-site and treated with recycling in mind. This may be relevant for large projects where space is avaible.

JORD•MILJØ A/S has extensive experience in design, pricing and implementation of various remedial techniques. Our consultancy takes into account the regulatory requirements based on the Environmental Act. We offer assistance with an assessment of whether a given property should meet the minimum requirements to a remediation or should be completely cleaned. This is important considerations that may influence the value of a given property.

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