Ultrasonic leak detection

Effective control of fuel tanks, chemical tanks and pipelines.

TANK•TEST A/S environmentally sound integrity testing with SDT ULTASONIC detector is recommended by FORCE as leak detection method on underground and surface tanks.

TANK•TEST A/S environmentally sound leak detection is appropriate for:

  • suspicion of leakage
  • quality control at repair or installation of tanks or pipes
  • periodic integrity testing
  • integrity testing before decommissioning of tanks
  • control for leakage at change of ownership

TANK•TEST A/S environmentally sound integrity testing ensures:

  • Fast execution 1 ½ – 2 hours pr. tank.
  • The test is performed with the fluid in the tank
  • No extra waiting time in order to detect pressure drop.
  • No pressure, and therefore no provoked leakage from any leak.
  • Only short-term interruption of supply.
  • Minimal inconvenience for day-to-day operation.
  • Thorough inspection carried out by specialists.
  • Accurate reporting

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