Environmental Surveys

JORD•MILJØ A/S are doing environmental investigations of the soil, groundwater and soil vapor in connection with

  • Real estate transactions
  • Development of brown fields
  • Environmetal contamination accidents
  • Environmental injunctions

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An environmental investigation begins in the archives and databases for historical information of the history of the area. The purpose is to clarify the risk of contamination and how to manage the problems.

The scope of the investigations is defined to client specifications and in agreement with the environmental authorities depending on the nature of the contamination.
The purpose of the environmental investigations depends on the background of the investigation and the type of pollution.

Real estate transactions generates environmental surveys to ensure that the pricing of the estate takes into account future costs caused by orders from the environmental authorities.

Development of brown fields generates environmental investigations to get permit from the environmental authorities, planning and pricing the cleaning up potential pollution. It may often be advantageous to combine an environmental investigation with a geotechnical one in such a case.

Environmental accidents generate environmental investigations to assess the extent of the contamination and stop the migration of the contamination in order to minimize the costs of the following clean-up.

Environmental Injunctions generate environmental investigations to assess the spread of the contamination in soil, groundwater and in soil vapor and prepare risk assessments for land use, indoor air quality, groundwater and surface water. Often it will also be required to prepare alternative programs and budgets for remedial actions.


Environmental Surveys  can be combined with geotechnical investigations.

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