Environmental Screening of Buildings

Old buildings may contain asbestos, lead and PCBs and other hazardous substances, which are a risk to the environment and public health.

JORD•MILJØ A/S offers to perform environmental screening of buildings, so the occurrence of hazardous substances / materials are known before renovation and demolition are launched according to the public regulations.

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Before demolition we are making investigations of xenobiotic like:

  • Asbestos – in pipe insulation
  • Lead – lead-based paint
  • PCB – a plasticizing agent in caulks and paints

Costumers Needs

  • Is your project economically sustainable? – An environmental screening of the buildings can hedge the risk of unexpected additional costs.
  • You are going to buy or sell a property? – An environmental screening of the buildings can survey the hazardous substances of the buildings.

We posses the required experience to perform this type of investigations.

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