EHS Audits and Environmental Due Diligence

EHS Compliance Audits and Environmental Due Diligence Assessments give the company management or the potential owner of a facility an assurance for a safe working environment and an environmentally responsible production in compliance with local regulations.

JORD•MILJØ A/S employees are constantly updated on all aspects of environmental and health and safety regulations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and we are frequently used as subcontractors by international consultancy companies. Often, multinational companies are not satisfied with regulatory compliance but have integrated stricter EHS Policies in their operations to ensure the health and safety of personnel and reduce the impact on the environment. We are familiar with Scandinavian culture and languages and we are conducting internal EHS audits and EDD assessments related to merger and acquisitions transactions.

Audits and assessments are performed according to client specifications, e.g. ASTM or equivalent international standards.

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