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A question of trust

JORD•MILJØ A/S is an independent consulting engineering company. We aim to provide environmentally, technically, and economically optimal solutions to environmental tasks and problems commissioned by authorities and private clients.

Consulting is rarely a directly measurable performance. It is a question of trust. Who is the better to ensure meeting budgets, and preventing unpleasant surprises during your construction process?

JORD•MILJØ A/S provides professional client consulting from the point of initial investigation of building-, soil or groundwater contamination and onward until contaminations are remediated, approved by the authorities and your property is free to use or ready for the construction phase. Our services are based on experience from several thousand tasks and wide range of investigations and remediations of contaminated soil or groundwater, environmental risk assessments, environmental audits and due diligence assessments of facilities, applications for environmental permits to facilities, etc.

Since established in 1990, the number of employees in JORD•MILJØ A/S has increased considerably. The staff of JORD•MILJØ A/S comprises dedicated individuals with training in the field of engineering and natural sciences. Thus we represent a wide range of expertise within geology, hydrogeology, hydrology, economically optimal remediation techniques, legislation and auditing regarding environmental protection and workers safety within the Scandinavian countries, waste water treatment, hydraulics, drinking water treatment, groundwater chemistry, biological monitoring and sedimentologi.

JORD•MILJØ A/S invites you to an informal meeting for a discussion of your challenges and our strategies for a technically and cost efficient solution.

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